Executive Team

Rod Brooks

Rod Brooks

President & CEO View Full Bio

Rod Brooks began serving in July 2006 as CEO of Stop Hunger Now. In this capacity, he provides leadership and direction toward the achievement of the organization’s mission to end world hunger, focusing on service programs, fundraising, financial and administrative management. Rod has spent nearly twenty years working in the non-profit sector. Prior to directing Stop Hunger Now, Rod worked for sixteen years creating Exploris (now titled Marbles Kid’s Museum), an interactive museum about the world, ultimately serving as Vice President for Administration.

Rod is active in the community as a member of the Cary Rotary Club, the Raleigh Host Lions Club, Fairmont United Methodist Church, and NC Partners of the Americas. He has been recognized for his leadership of Kids Voting Wake County and received the James S. Bramham Humanitarian Award from NC Partners of the Americas. He received a B.A. in Economics and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1989. He speaks Spanish fluently. Rod lives in Raleigh with his wife, Terry Jasper Brooks, and daughter, Vivian.

Bob Dixson

Bob Dixson

Chief Financial Officer View Full Bio

Bob Dixson is an experienced financial executive, having served as CFO or COO for a variety of companies. Since 1998, Mr. Dixson has served as Chief Financial Officer, typically two or three days a week as interim, part-time, or for special projects, in such diverse industries as manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, enzyme-enhanced feed products, bio-filters for pharma, food products, dish detergent, Christmas decorations and gemstones), high tech (software development, wireless, product engineering), retail (home furnishings), importing and distribution (medical equipment, tobacco products and consumer durables), services (mental health clinic chain, investment bank, law firm, veterinary hospital chain, HR outsourcing), and non-profit (substance abuse treatment, hunger relief, art museum, children’s museum, middle school, adoption and family services, and funding for community re-development).

He has established three, five, and 25-year plans (business plans and detailed cash forecasts), raised capital for equity and bank credit, guided mergers including due diligence, introduced financial reporting and control systems, created costing systems and product pricing models, negotiated leases and economic incentive packages, restructured 401(k), stock option and other incentive packages, and revitalized accounting departments by implementing new software, reorganizing personnel, hiring, and training.

Mr. Dixson holds a BA in economics from Emory University where he was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. He attended Columbia University in a Ph.D. program in economics as a Fellow of the Faculty. He was certified by the Institute of Management Accountants with a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certificate. He is a member of the Center for Entrepreneurial Development and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Emily Everett

Emily Everett

Chief Marketing Officer View Full Bio

Emily Everett has a rich and diverse 20+ year history of non-profit experience specializing in strategic marketing and communications with an emphasis on strategic planning, brand management, event & media planning, sponsor relationships, fund raising and revenue development, crisis management, staff and volunteer development and training.

As Regional Communications Officer for the American Red Cross, was responsible for driving brand and PR strategies across a variety of media and online platforms to support mission and fund-raising efforts. Previously, she spent 14 years as Regional Director of Communications & Marketing for the March of Dimes where she built a strong marketing communications program for 25 states from the ground up and helped lead the organization’s strategic direction to develop and implement marketing strategies in the field.

A native of Smithfield, NC, Emily earned a B.A. in Radio, TV & Motion Pictures from the UNC-Chapel Hill and M.A. in Journalism from the University of Arizona. She has served on the Local and Development Committees for Camp Don Lee, raising money for the new sailing center. She also has been an event marketing consultant for EMSTAT Event Management & Logistics in Fredericksburg, VA, and consultant for The Masters Group, a communications & marketing consortium. Emily and her husband, Eugene, live in Cary.

Jim Green

Jim Green

Chief Development Officer View Full Bio

While serving in the United States Air Force in the Middle East and as an aid volunteer in India, Jim witnessed the terrible effects of abject and generational poverty on children and families. As a disaster relief worker in Indonesia after the December 2004 Tsunami, he was transformed by the pain and suffering of thousands. During these experiences, the most common need he saw was the basic need for food. Jim firmly believes that this problem is solvable.

Jim Green has dedicated his professional life to serve others and, after his military service, he served as the Director of Campaign for Pikes Peak United Way in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he raised $30 million in five years. As Senior Vice President of Resource Development at United Way of the Greater Triangle, he raised more than $66.5 million in four years. He currently volunteers on several committees and boards in Raleigh and Wake County.

Jim Green is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute’s Arabic program. He holds a B.A. in Middle East Studies and Arabic from the University of Utah, graduating Cum Laude in 2003. He earned an MBA from the University of Colorado in 2009.

Jim lives in Cary, North Carolina, with the love of his life, Heather, their young children, Harrison and Harper, and their dog, Ginger.

Allen Renquist

Allen Renquist

Chief Programs Officer View Full Bio

As Chief Programs Officer, Allen directs Stop Hunger Now’s domestic meal packaging program, international expansion of the program, aid distribution, and impact monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Allen was born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. He and his family moved to the United States when he was 17 years old. Allen is a graduate of East Carolina University with a B.S. in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. After graduating, he joined the U.S. Peace Corps, where he worked as an HIV/AIDS educator, teaching in primary and secondary schools and organizing events in Belize, Central America. After returning to the U.S., Allen completed a Master’s degree program in International Studies and Sustainable Development at North Carolina State University.

During his studies at NC State, Allen started his employment for Stop Hunger Now in May of 2007 as one of the organization’s first employees. Allen started as an intern Assistant Program Manager in Raleigh, and was promoted to Program Director of Stop Hunger Now’s rapidly growing meal packaging program in 2008. As Program Director, Allen helped to open 8 new program branch locations in the U.S., and coordinated the expansion of the program to South Africa where Stop Hunger Now opened its first international meal packaging operation. Building upon the success of the South Africa model, Allen was promoted to International Operations Director to oversee the development of international meal packaging programs, and to direct Stop Hunger Now’s aid distribution.

In this role, Allen worked to open two additional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bologna, Italy in 2012. Allen is leading efforts to establish Stop Hunger Now’s meal packaging program in Peru and the Philippines in 2014 and organizing meal packaging events all around the globe.

Allen lives in Raleigh with his wife Mercer and their two children, Dominic and Lola. When not at work Allen can be found wrestling with his kids or playing the family piano.

Administrative Staff

Matt AnlyanAid Distribution Manager | manlyan@stophungernow.org
Jolynn Berk | Dir. of Grant & Foundation Relations | jberk@stophungernow.org
Joseph Brumley | Learning Coordinator | jbrumley@stophungernow.org
Brenda Contreras | Human Resources Assistant | bcontreras@stophungernow.org
Karen Cook | Director of Communications | kcook@stophungernow.org
Chris CravenDir. of Organizational Partnerships | ccraven@stophungernow.org
Jackie Gottlieb | IT Project Manager | jgottlieb@stophungernow.org
Steve Hickle | Faith Outreach Directorshickle@stophungernow.org
Pattie HoflandInternational Marketing & Development Managerphofland@stophungernow.org
Anita Horne | Administrative Assistantahorne@stophungernow.org
Mickey HornerDir. of Expansion & Program Innovationmhorner@stophungernow.org
Travis HuckabaRevenue Accountantthuckaba@stophungernow.org
Christopher Jones | Rotary Relations Manager | cjones@stophungernow.org
Rick Kearney | Program Directorrkearney@stophungernow.org
Kevin MageeMajor Gifts Officer | kmagee@stophungernow.org
Toni Marraccini | Corporate Accounts Executive | tmarraccini@stophungernow.org
Jane MeyerSpecial Events Manager | jmeyer@stophungernow.org
Karen Noe | Dir. of Corporate Relations & Partnerships | knoe@stophungernow.org
Edna Ogwangi | Director of Aid Distribution, Monitoring, & Evaluation | eogwangi@stophungernow.org
Paul Renaud | Aid Procurement Directorprenaud@stophungernow.org
Kimberly RochesterPayroll and Credit Card Specialist | krochester@stophungernow.org
Ryan RotanzInternational Administrative Assistantrrotanz@stophungernow.org
Bill Rubin | Accounting Assistant | brubin@stophungernow.org
Julie SavaneFood Aid M&E Partner Coordinator | jsavane@stophungernow.org
Kara ShultzDir. of Annual Giving & Organizational Stewardshipkshultz@stophungernow.org
Karen Smaha | Food Aid Logistics Coordinator | ksmaha@stophungernow.org
Roberta SorensenFinance Directorrsorensen@stophungernow.org
Kati Struett | Director of Human Resources | estruett@stophungernow.org
Karen Sullivan | Dir. of Marketing & Creative Servicesksullivan@stophungernow.org
Andrew SullivanDir. of International Affiliate Developmentasullivan@stophungernow.org
Mariel Tanner | Development Administrative Assistant | mtanner@stophungernow.org
Billy Taylor | Dir. of Major Gifts | btaylor@stophungernow.org
Brandon Tisa | Database Analystbtisa@stophungernow.org
Carolyn Turney | Manager of Digital Engagement | cturney@stophungernow.org
Sean Watson | IT Directorswatson@stophungernow.org

Domestic Program Staff

Atlanta, Georgia

Kyle Galenski | Regional Program Managerkgalenski@stophungernow.org
Michael AshleyProgram Managermashley@stophungernow.org
Ryan Sanders | Assistant Program Managerrsanders@stophungernow.org
Philip BurnsAssistant Program Manager | pburns@stophungernow.org
Deanna Lancaster | Warehouse Administrator | dlancaster@stophungernow.org

Charlotte, North Carolina

Brandon Faulkner | Regional Program Managerbfaulkner@stophungernow.org
Jonathan KundratProgram Managerjkundrat@stophungernow.org
David Thomas-BushAssistant Program Managerdthomasbush@stophungernow.org
Valerie CarpenterAssistant Program Managervcarpenter@stophungernow.org

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Jeff JonesProgram Managerjjones@stophungernow.org
Stephen MahlerAssistant Program Managersmahler@stophungernow.org

Eastern North Carolina

Chris SingletonProgram Managercsingleton@stophungernow.org
Kathi ShanerAssistant Program Managerkshaner@stophungernow.org

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Mike NelsonProgram Manager | mnelson@stophungernow.org

Houston, Texas

Mike Bell | Program Managermbell@stophungernow.org

Indianapolis, Indiana

Tracey Edwards | Assistant Program Manager | tedwards@stophungernow.org

Jackson, Mississippi

Pat Ware | Program Manager | pware@stophungernow.org
Alex Fraser | Assistant Program Manager | afraser@stophungernow.org

Kansas City, Missouri

Baylee DeLaurier | Program Manager | bdelaurier@stophungernow.org
Joe Falter | Assistant Program Manager | jfalter@stophungernow.org

Lynchburg, Virginia

Troy Henson | Program Manager | thenson@stophungernow.org
Spencer Merricks | Assistant Program Manager | smerricks@stophungernow.org
Tray Light | Program Warehouse Coordinator | tlight@stophungernow.org

Nashville, Tennessee

Eric Taft | Program Manager | etaft@stophungernow.org

National Capital

Dominic Alexander | Regional Program Manager | dalexander@stophungernow.org
Jeffrey Mizell | Program Manager | jmizell@stophungernow.org
Alex HartAssistant Program Manager | ahart@stophungernow.org

New England

Marc Vermouth | Program Manager | mvermouth@stophungernow.org
Danielle McCrary | Assistant Program Manager | dmccrary@stophungernow.org

New York

Steve Reiss | Program Manager | sreiss@stophungernow.org

Northern California

Chris RomeroProgram Managercromero@stophungernow.org
Jordan MarvinAssistant Program Managerjmarvin@stophungernow.org
Alexandra Perry | Assistant Program Manager | aperry@stophungernow.org

Orlando, Florida

Rebecca Waggoner | Program Manager | rwaggoner@stophungernow.org
Stephanie Sheffield | Assistant Program Manager | ssheffield@stophungernow.org
Jason Haulbrook | Program Warehouse Coordinator | jhaulbrook@stophungernow.org

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Richard Armenia | Program Manager | rarmenia@stophungernow.org
Ben Gerrish | Assistant Program Manager | bgerrish@stophungernow.org
Latoya Gillyard | Program Logistic Coordinator | lgillyard@stophungernow.org
Teresa Yacono | Warehouse Administrator | tyacono@stophungernow.org
Ryan Ehnts | Program Warehouse Coordinator | rehnts@stophungernow.org

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Andrew Moser | Program Manager | amoser@stophungernow.org
Shaun Starkey | Assistant Program Manager | sstarkey@stophungernow.org

Raleigh, North Carolina

Terry Brown | Regional Program Manager | tbrown@stophungernow.org
Darron Stover | Program Manager | dstover@stophungernow.org
Shari Summers | Assistant Program Manager | ssummers@stophungernow.org
Zach Karges | Program Warehouse Coordinator | zkarges@stophungernow.org

Richmond, Virginia

Mike Nelson | Program Manager | mnelson@stophungernow.org
Erin Kennedy | Assistant Program Manager | ekennedy@stophungernow.org
Sally Bull | Program Warehouse Coordinator | sbull@stophungernow.org

Southern California

Ryan Pond | Program Manager | rpond@stophungernow.org
Joel BoucherAssistant Program Manager | jboucher@stophungernow.org
Maya Azimioara | Program Logistics Coordinator | mazimioara@stophungernow.org
Alex Martinez | Program Warehouse Coordinator | amartinez@stophungernow.org

International Program Staff

Jordan Lynch | International Affiliate Manager | jlynch@stophungernow.org
Matt Casteel
| Program Manager | mcasteel@stophungernow.org
Kate Millman
| Program Manager | kmillman@stophungernow.org

International Affiliates

Stop Hunger Now India

Dola Mohapatra | Executive Director | dmohapatra@stophungernow.org.in

Stop Hunger Now Italia

Roberta Baldazzi | Executive Director | roberta.baldazzi@shnitalia.it

Stop Hunger Now Malaysia

Tiki Keh | Executive Director  | tkeh@stophungernow.org.my

Stop Hunger Now Philippines

Jomar Fleras | Executive Director | jfleras@stophungernow.org.ph

Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa

Saira Khan | Chief Executive Officer | sairak@stophungernowsa.org

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