Executive Team

Rod Brooks

Rod Brooks

President & CEO View Full Bio

Rod Brooks began serving in July 2006 as CEO of Stop Hunger Now. In this capacity, he provides leadership and direction toward the achievement of the organization’s mission to end world hunger, focusing on service programs, fundraising, financial and administrative management. Rod has spent nearly twenty years working in the non-profit sector. Prior to directing Stop Hunger Now, Rod worked for sixteen years creating Exploris (now titled Marbles Kid’s Museum), an interactive museum about the world, ultimately serving as Vice President for Administration.

Rod is active in the community as a member of the Cary Rotary Club, the Raleigh Host Lions Club, Fairmont United Methodist Church, and NC Partners of the Americas. He has been recognized for his leadership of Kids Voting Wake County and received the James S. Bramham Humanitarian Award from NC Partners of the Americas. He received a B.A. in Economics and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1989. He speaks Spanish fluently. Rod lives in Raleigh with his wife, Terry Jasper Brooks, and daughter, Vivian.

Bob Dixson

Bob Dixson

Chief Financial Officer View Full Bio

Bob Dixson is an experienced financial executive, having served as CFO or COO for a variety of companies. Since 1998, Mr. Dixson has served as Chief Financial Officer, typically two or three days a week as interim, part-time, or for special projects, in such diverse industries as manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, enzyme-enhanced feed products, bio-filters for pharma, food products, dish detergent, Christmas decorations and gemstones), high tech (software development, wireless, product engineering), retail (home furnishings), importing and distribution (medical equipment, tobacco products and consumer durables), services (mental health clinic chain, investment bank, law firm, veterinary hospital chain, HR outsourcing), and non-profit (substance abuse treatment, hunger relief, art museum, children’s museum, middle school, adoption and family services, and funding for community re-development).

He has established three, five, and 25-year plans (business plans and detailed cash forecasts), raised capital for equity and bank credit, guided mergers including due diligence, introduced financial reporting and control systems, created costing systems and product pricing models, negotiated leases and economic incentive packages, restructured 401(k), stock option and other incentive packages, and revitalized accounting departments by implementing new software, reorganizing personnel, hiring, and training.

Mr. Dixson holds a BA in economics from Emory University where he was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. He attended Columbia University in a Ph.D. program in economics as a Fellow of the Faculty. He was certified by the Institute of Management Accountants with a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certificate. He is a member of the Center for Entrepreneurial Development and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Tom Barbitta

Tom Barbitta

Chief Marketing Officer View Full Bio

Tom has more than 30 years of global brand sales and marketing experience focused on innovative brand strategy, elevating organizations and building strong teams. His experience spans a wide range of U.S.-based multinational companies specific to consumer packaged goods categories.

In 2005, Tom joined the Carolina Beverage Corporation as its Vice President of Marketing, overseeing the marketing of Cheerwine. Tom’s stewardship has contributed to the widespread expansion of Cheerwine in the U.S. Prior to his role at Cheerwine, Tom served as a consultant to several Southeast Asian firms, conducting brand building seminars in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Tom’s background also includes positions with Miller Brewing Company, Thomas J. Lipton (Unilever) and Nabisco, where he spent 11 years leading brand marketing and sales for the Planters nut franchise. In 1995, Tom was recruited by the Oberto Company in Kent, Washington to help the Oberto Beef Jerky brand move to the next level.

Tom received a nomination to the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned a B.A. in Economics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is actively involved in the community, having previously coached high school athletics and trained guide dogs for the blind with his family. He is married with three adult children. Tom’s family founded a non-profit organization called Cake for Kids Cambodia (www.cakeforkidscambodia.org). He travels bi-annually to Cambodia to work in local hardship areas, teaching children English and life skills and applying resources toward the most critical needs.

Edna Ogwangi

Edna Ogwangi

Chief Impact Officer View Full Bio

Edna Ogwangi holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree with specialization in International Development and Administration. Prior to joining Stop Hunger Now, she served for seventeen years at Land O’Lakes, most recently as Senior Manager of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Department. She is an accomplished International Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Professional, with extensive experience in managing and implementing economic development and school feeding programs around the globe. She has managed US Federal Government, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs. She has extensive knowledge in donor reporting procedures, best practices, guidelines, and applicable tools for monitoring and evaluation of development, school feeding and nutrition projects.  She has served as an active member of the USAID Learning Lab where she has contributed to several webinar sessions and learning blogs. Edna also co-lead the Land O’ Lakes International Development Gender Task Force which spearheaded gender initiatives in all of their programming. She shares, “My passion is to work with underprivileged groups of people and try to alleviate hunger and empower them to better their lives, while improving one life at a time in developing countries that we work in.”

Administrative Staff

Jolynn Berk | Director of Channel Development 
Samantha Bottomley Accounting Administrator 
Kristin Brown | Executive Administrator 
Joseph Brumley | Learning Coordinator
Yolanda Castillo | Global Marketing Director
Brenda Contreras | Human Resources Administrator 
Karen Cook | Manager of Communications
Chris CravenDir. of Organizational Partnerships
Emily Doyle | Receptionist 
Rachel Gonzalez | North and Central America Event Manager
Jackie Gottlieb | IT Development Manager
Pattie HoflandInternational Development Officer
Anita Horne | Facilities Manager
Mickey HornerDir. of Expansion & Program Innovation
Travis HuckabaRevenue Accountant
Christopher Jones | Rotary Relations Manager
Rick Kearney | Program Director 
Jonathan Kundrat | Corporate Accounts Executive-Southeast Region 
Maggie Luckadoo | Content Strategist
Andy Lynch | Manager of Faith-Based Partnerships
Kevin MageeMajor Gifts Officer 
Toni Marraccini | Corporate Accounts Executive
Lance Morrison | Program Monitoring & Evaluation Associate
Ben Murad | Solution Development Manager 
Lori Nelson | Data Clerk
Karen Noe | Dir. of Corporate Relations & Partnerships 
Natalie Norton | Corporate Relations Coordinator 
Paul Renaud | Aid Procurement Director 
Kimberly RochesterPayroll and Credit Card Specialist
Silvia RoscotFood Security, Crisis, & Resilience Technical Advisor
Marc RossiIT Operations Manager
Ryan RotanzInternational Project Coordinator
Bill Rubin | Accounting Assistant
Julie SavaneFood Aid M&E Partner Coordinator 
Kara ShultzDir. of Annual Giving & Organizational Stewardship
Karen Smaha | Food Aid Logistics Coordinator
Carter Smith | Data Coordinator
Roberta SorensenFinance Director
Kati Struett | Director of Human Resources
Andrew SullivanDir. of International Affiliate Development 
Mariel Tanner | Development Coordinator
Brandon Tisa | Database Analyst 
Carolyn Turney | Community Manager for Social & Digital Media
Sean Watson | IT Director

Domestic Program Staff

Atlanta, Georgia

Kyle Galenski | Regional Program Manager
Michael AshleyProgram Manager
Ryan Sanders | Assistant Program Manager 
Deanna Lancaster | Warehouse Administrator
Daniel Hatcher | Program Warehouse Coordinator
Chelsea Wood | Program Warehouse Coordinator
DeRon Waller | Program Coordinator

Charlotte, North Carolina

Brandon Faulkner | Regional Program Manager
Richard Armenia | Program Manager
David Thomas-BushAssistant Program Manager
Valerie CarpenterAssistant Program Manager
Henry Sanchez |  Program Coordinator

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Jeff JonesProgram Manager
Stephen MahlerAssistant Program Manager
Jaime Sipes | Warehouse Administrator

Eastern North Carolina

Chris SingletonProgram Manager
Frido Kinkolenge | Assistant Program Manager

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Mike NelsonProgram Manager

Houston, Texas

Mike Bell | Program Manager
Catherine Mayfield | Assistant Program Manager

Indianapolis, Indiana

Tracey Edwards | Program Manager  
Elizabeth Peña | Assistant Program Manager

Jackson, Mississippi

Pat Ware | Program Manager

Kansas City, Missouri

Baylee DeLaurier | Program Manager 
Joe Falter | Assistant Program Manager

Lynchburg, Virginia

Troy Henson | Program Manager 
Tray Light | Assistant Program Manager 
Spencer Merricks | Multi-Site Event Coordinator 

Nashville, Tennessee

Eric Taft | Program Manager

National Capital

Dominic Alexander | Regional Program Manager
Jeffrey Mizell | Program Manager 
Alex HartAssistant Program Manager
Joseph Gautier | Program Warehouse Coordinator

New England

Marc Vermouth | Program Manager
Danielle McCrary | Assistant Program Manager
Farah Ahmad | Program Coordinator

New York

Steve Reiss | Program Manager
Bruce Ladson | Assistant Program Manager
Nicholas DiMare | Program Coordinator 

Northern California

Jordan MarvinProgram Manager
Noelle Horario | Assistant Program Manager
Andrew DeJesus | Program Warehouse Coordinator 
Courtney Hudson | Program Coordinator 

Orlando, Florida

Rebecca Waggoner | Program Manager 
Stephanie Sheffield | Assistant Program Manager 
Jason Haulbrook | Program Warehouse Coordinator 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Robby Riggs | Program Manager
Ben Gerrish | Assistant Program Manager 
Latoya Gillyard | Program Logistic Coordinator
Teresa Yacono | Program Operations Assistant  
Ryan Ehnts | Program Warehouse Coordinator
Emily Rothera | Warehouse Administrator

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Andrew Moser | Program Manager
Brady Smith | Assistant Program Manager

Raleigh, North Carolina

Terry Brown | Regional Program Manager
Darron Stover | Program Manager
Jim Frink | Assistant Program Manager
Zach Karges | Program Warehouse Coordinator

Richmond, Virginia

Mike Nelson | Program Manager 
Sally Bull | Assistant Program Manager 
Betty Garnett | Warehouse Administrator
Tony Cornicello | Program Coordinator

Southern California

Ryan Pond | Program Manager
Joel BoucherAssistant Program Manager
Maya Azimioara | Program Logistics Coordinator 
Alex Martinez | Program Warehouse Coordinator
Kathi Shaner | Program Warehouse Coordinator
Shannon Bechtel | Warehouse Administrator

International Program Staff

Jordan Lynch | International Affiliate Manager 
Matt Casteel
| Program Manager 
Kate Millman
| Program Manager

International Affiliates

Stop Hunger Now India

Dola Mohapatra | Executive Director

Stop Hunger Now Italia

Roberta Baldazzi | Executive Director

Stop Hunger Now Malaysia

Tiki Keh | Executive Director 

Stop Hunger Now Peru

Manny Espinonza | Executive Director

Stop Hunger Now Philippines

Jomar Fleras | Executive Director

Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa

Saira Khan | Chief Executive Officer

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