Stop Hunger Now is committed to sending essential aid to our developing country partners, which include schools, orphanages, hospitals, clinics, refugee camps and vocational training programs. Stop Hunger Now currently receives donations of essential aid from corporations, USAID, charitable partners and private donors. In 2014, Stop Hunger Now sent more than $11 million worth of donated goods to people in 18 countries.

The Opportunity

Stop Hunger Now understands that by providing people with the resources they need, they have an increased likelihood of becoming healthy, educated and self-sufficient. That is why, for over the past 17 years, Stop Hunger Now has developed a secure supply chain that includes 21 staffed warehouses in the United States, six international locations, and trusted, fully-vetted aid distribution partners. Stop Hunger Now is in a unique position to receive, track and send aid that can transform lives at no additional shipping cost. More than 175 forty-foot containers will be sent this year. If your company is looking to show the community that it cares through product donations and would like to have a sustainable impact through our partner organizations, consider donating to Stop Hunger Now today!

For more info contact Paul Renaud, Aid Procurement Director at or (919) 457-8722.

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