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Since the launch of Stop Hunger Now’s meal packaging program in 2005, Rotarians have packaged 20 million+ meals for distribution around the globe. Rotary is a critical link to helping Stop Hunger Now meet the United Nations goal of ending world hunger by 2030. Rotarians are known for achieving ambitious goals, evidenced by Rotary International’s success with its eradication of polio initiative.

Why should Rotarians get involved in the fight to end world hunger?

  • Stop Hunger Now offers the opportunity to host a hands-on service project at the location of your club’s choice. Nominal fundraising is required to meet the minimum donation of 29 cents per meal. (Travel charges could apply if your event is greater than 100 miles from one of our meal packaging locations)
  • Meal packaging is an International Service Project. Stop Hunger Now partners with organizations around the globe to distribute meals packaged by volunteers to those in need.
  • Hosting a Stop Hunger Now event Builds Membership. Many Rotary clubs have found that by hosting a meal packaging event and inviting the local community to participate, volunteers gain exposure to Rotary and may decide to join.
  • Partnering with Stop Hunger Now Enhances Public Image. Stop Hunger Now meal packaging events are a great tool to use for enhancing Rotary’s and your club’s public image and relations.
  • Meal packaging events can make great Youth Services Projects for Interact and Rotaract clubs, or RYLA conferences. These events channel youth energy toward service that aligns with Rotary’s “International” component.
  • Events promote club Team Building. Many clubs have informed us that our Meal Packaging Events are a unique and fun way to “break the mold” of a traditional Rotary meeting while working together toward a common goal.
  • Partnering with Stop Hunger Now helps transform lives! Not only will the lives of those that receive the meals be transformed, but Rotarians have told us of how they can “feel” the transformational experience for those that they are serving.

How is Stop Hunger Now Aligned with The Rotary Foundation?

The work of Stop Hunger Now aligns with these Six Areas of Focus.

  1. Promoting Peace: When people no longer need to fight over food, peace will reign.
  2. Fighting Disease: Stop Hunger Now meals help to improve the health and nutrition of those who receive them.
  3. Providing Clean Water: Stop Hunger Now invests in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) trainings and technology.
  4. Saving Mothers and Children: Feeding programs operated by partner organizations promote education, encourage children to attend school and improve health and nutrition.
  5. Supporting Education: By delivering meals through school feeding programs, children attend school not only to receive an education, but also to receive what could be their only meal of the day.
  6. Growing Local Economies: Stop Hunger Now is seeking Rotary partners to assist with the following sustainable community development projects: Enhance family incomes; Increase access to and production of food; Better management of natural resources; Provide better access to clean water; Support agricultural and aqua-cultural production. These projects are perfect for Rotary Global Grants. Contact us to learn how you can get involved.

Does Stop Hunger Now Package Meals Internationally?

Rotarians have now packaged meals with Stop Hunger Now in 11 countries including:

  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Italy
  • India (2015)
  • Peru (2015)
  • Australia (2016)
  • South Korea (2016)
  • More coming…

Stop Hunger Now has six International Affiliate Locations and continues to expand globally. An Affiliate is:

  • Locally incorporated NGO in respective country
  • They implement their own meal packaging program using local ingredients
  • Local network of volunteers involved in a movement to end hunger
  • Sustainable financial model with local staff and warehouse

Rotary is a leader in the effort to end global hunger!

RousseauPhoto“Stop Hunger Now is one of the best public relations and public involvement programs we can undertake to raise awareness of what Rotary is all about.” -Bill Rousseau, Apex, NC Rotarian

Ready to Host Your Own Event?

To find out more about meal packaging and how to organize your own event, contact us at:

Chris Jones
Rotary Relations Manager
Phone:  +1-980-288-4007

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