Changing The World

Stop Hunger Now has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger since 1998.  Every year, with the help of our hands-on volunteers, we provide millions of nutritious meals and other life-saving aid to children and families all over the world. The collaboration between Stop Hunger Now staff, volunteers and in-country partners make our efforts a growing success every year in our mission to end hunger.

Who It Impacts


Stop Hunger Now has been providing meals to the children of Tremesse for five years. Now we are partnering with the community to bring a tilapia pond, community garden and community wells, as well as a hospital to the surrounding villages to promote health and independence through sustainable development.


A rainy day is no excuse to stay inside in Bukidnon, in the northern Mindanao region of Philippines. Women trek to a HELP (Humanitarian Efforts to Lessen Poverty) Foundation training center, miles away from their homes with the promise of food and community lifting them along the way. Tola Saliring of the HELP Foundation manages the feeding program, distributing Stop Hunger Now meals to the mothers who make the journey, eager to care for their families and provide a healthy life for their children.

“Stop Hunger Now meal packets will serve as a lifeline for these communities,” Tola declares. “Education paired with the meals equals sustainability for communities, allowing them the freedom to focus on larger issues.”

It is important to recognize the significance of giving these mothers the skills to keep their children healthy for a lifetime, not just meals to keep their bellies full for a day. Every two weeks, lectures at the training center educate the mothers on how to properly cook the meals and on basic nutritional fundamentals. Mothers also learn about issues such as childhood diseases, alternative livelihood and sustaining their lives, not just by rice alone.

The mission of the HELP Foundation is to lessen poverty of underprivileged children in the Philippines.

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Philippines 2013 HELP Foundation Kids holding bags

Excited children and mothers after an education session with The HELP Foundation.