Impact Driven

Driven by a vision to end world hunger in our lifetime, Stop Hunger Now has been coordinating efforts to provide food and other lifesaving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources. Under the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the world has committed to achieving food security for every man, woman, and child on earth by 2030.


Stop Hunger Now is dedicated to playing a major role in achieving Sustainable Development Goal #2, to “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture,” over the next 15 years.  We believe everyone on the planet deserves access to the nutrition necessary to live life to his or her fullest potential.

Here’s how we’re working toward zero hunger for all:

  • Providing meals that support nutrition awareness, and health programs
  • Facilitating sustainable agricultural development
  • Promoting micro-enterprise and income generation
  • Ensuring food systems are equitable and resilient against crises, shocks, and stressors
  • Enabling policy adoption and implementation that strengthens food security

Program Spotlights

papfles The First 1,000 Days
Nutrition during the first 1,000 days of the life of a child can mean the difference between a promising future or one plagued by poor health and stunted growth. We work with communities, clinics, and hospitals to provide nutrition-specific interventions for mothers and babies, such as complementary feeding in the first 1,000 days, increasing of micronutrient intake, and supporting therapeutic feeding as needed.
medicine-icon-2 Aid In Every Form
Through the gift-in-kind program, Stop Hunger Now distributes vitamins and antibiotics to program participants – ensuring that healthy people can absorb healthy diets. In 2015, we shipped $14.4 million worth of donated products.
images The Fountain of Health
Inadequate access to safe water and sanitation services, coupled with poor hygiene practices, kills and sickens thousands of children every day. Strengthening water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure is a Stop Hunger Now priority. We provide financial support to communities to drill groundwater wells and we work closely with communities to increase awareness of point of use solutions for safe water consumption and improved hygiene and sanitation practices.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Stop Hunger Now employs robust monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) tools for data collection and analysis to measure progress towards intended impacts. Constant learning is a strategy of the organization, and programs are regularly improved through iterative design and adaptive management throughout implementation. 



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