International Meal Packaging

In order to end hunger, we have to create the local capacity to address hunger. Stop Hunger Now is leading the way by being the first organization to bring meal packaging to the countries and regions where we serve.

By establishing local meal packaging programs, we are able to use local ingredients, local volunteers and local distribution in a more efficient and effective manner. The only thing that is better than school feeding programs in the fight against hunger is school feeding programs where the food is sourced locally.


Why Package Internationally?

We realize that US citizens alone cannot end poverty. We need to engage citizens all over the world to support the movement to end hunger. Stop Hunger Now packaged in 19 countries outside the US last year. We have locations in South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Italy, India and Peru.  With our international affiliate model, meals are packaged locally and then distributed locally and regionally.

By expanding our meal packaging model internationally, Stop Hunger Now expands our effectiveness by engaging more volunteers, improving local economies, helping local farmers, creating a quicker disaster response time, and substantially increasing the number of people fed each year.

Benefits of a Stop Hunger Now affiliate include:

  • Local procurement of ingredients and equipment, improving the local economy
  • An improved ability to respond to local and regional crises and natural disasters
  • Increased exposure to  Stop Hunger Now’s educational messages on world hunger
  • A regional feeding model with the ability to partner with and engage local  volunteer organizations in the distribution of meals; something we cannot do effectively or with regularity in the US
  • The capability to refine distribution efforts to better respond to local hunger conditions
  • The ability to support smaller, local organizations without the resources required to receive meals from the United States
  • The ability to cater our meals to local and regional tastes and needs
  • An improved capacity  to monitor and evaluate the impact our meals have on the organizations and beneficiaries they support
  • The ability to identify new and exciting opportunities for organizational partnerships

Successful Affiliates

After experiencing rapid growth of the program in the United States, Stop Hunger Now opened its first international meal packaging affiliate in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2010.  Since it’s launch, the location has packaged over 9 million meals for the people of South Africa.  Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa’s meal production is locally based and culminates in the distribution of meals through ECD Connect. This program focuses on reaching children five years of age or younger who attend preschools or early childhood development centers (ECDs).

Zoleka Mphela is the principal of Ikusasa Bokamoso early childhood development school. There are 41 children attending the school and they receive two boxes of meals per month. Since participating in the ECD Connect program, Zoleka has made incredible progress. With these meals, she should be saving R300 per month but she has managed to save R800!  With the savings she has purchased a new building for the school so that they are no longer in a shack.  She has also purchased fire extinguishers, a toilet, and had electricity connected to the property. Her next goal is to build a brick classroom, kitchen, and office.

Old Building

Old Building

New Building

New Building

Contact Us

Andrew Sullivan, Dir. of International Affiliate Development

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