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What types of support does Stop Hunger Now provide to its partners?

  • Food assistance – Vitamin-fortified rice-soy casseroles, packaged by volunteers and typically shipped in 40’ containers (285,120 meal servings).
  • Other product donations (subject to availability) include: medicine, medical supplies, soap, water filters, and feminine hygiene products
  • Technical assistance in meeting monitoring and evaluation requirements
  • Grants to partners for programs that will support the achievement of one or more of the following impacts:
    • Vulnerable populations have the capacity to be food secure
    • Food systems are equitable and resilient
    • An enabling policy environment promotes food security  

Stop Hunger Now is beginning to pilot our grants program with a few select partners, but plans to scale up this type of project in the coming years.

What are the responsibilities of Stop Hunger Now’s partners?

  • Pay for shipping from the Stop Hunger Now warehouse to the partner’s program implementation areas
  • Successfully receive and clear ocean freight shipments through customs
  • Have complete, documented oversight of all Stop Hunger Now meal distributions
  • Implement programming that leverages further development through education, medical care and other development programs
  • Store the meals in a secure, contaminant-free location
  • Be able to apply minimum standards in monitoring and reporting and be able to clearly articulate beneficiary targeting criteria
  • Satisfy the reporting guidelines stipulated in the Cooperative Partnership Agreement

When does Stop Hunger Now accept applications?

Stop Hunger Now currently has one open application period per year. This application period takes place over the entire month of August (Aug 1 – Aug 31). During this time, any nongovernmental organization, nonprofit organization or community association is welcome to submit an application. When the application period is closed, Stop Hunger Now will not accept any new applications until the following year.
In the event of a crisis or disaster situation, Stop Hunger Now may review crisis applications, especially if the application is for a particular country or region that has been affected by said crisis or disaster.

My application was originally denied.  Am I able to re-apply?

Yes. After your application has been initially reviewed, a Stop Hunger Now representative will follow up with you and provide feedback on your application. If you were denied, you will have the opportunity to re-apply the following year during the open application period.

I was told I am on the waiting list.  What does that mean?

If you are placed on the waiting list, it means that you are approved, pending the availability of meals. When meals become available, you will be informed by a Stop Hunger Now representative.

How are the meals shipped?

Typically, Stop Hunger Now ships meals in 40’ ocean containers, which can hold up to 285,120 meal servings. The reason for large scale distributions is simple economy of scale. However, Stop Hunger Now may be open to smaller distributions, particularly for those partners who wish to ship via air. As stated above, approved partners are required to cover all costs associated with transportation and importation.

Does Stop Hunger Now cover any of the cost of transporting and importing aid?

Stop Hunger Now does not currently cover any transportation or importation cost. Each partner is responsible for covering these expenses. We believe that this cost sharing promotes partner accountability and encourages them to treat the shipment(s) as an investment and not a donation.

What types of Programs does Stop Hunger Now like to target with their meals?

Stop Hunger Now partners with NGOs that run programs that offer education or services above and beyond feeding the hungry. For a list of programs and their descriptions, please consult the last page of the Food for Education, Health and Skills Building Programs Partnership Page.

Where do the meals come from?

Stop Hunger Now currently has meal packaging locations across the USA.  100% of the meals packaged by volunteer groups. These volunteers fundraise to pay for the full cost of the meals.

What is in the meal?

Stop Hunger Now meals are dehydrated, high in protein, and highly nutritious. They contain four ingredients–long grain white rice, texturized soy protein, dehydrated vegetable blend and a sachet of vitamin powder. Because the meal is fully dehydrated, it needs to be boiled in clean water to be eaten. You will find cooking instructions on each box of meals and on each bag of meals.

Does Stop Hunger Now provide aid other than meals?

Stop Hunger Now does offer some in-kind aid other than meals. Although Stop Hunger Now will only procure and distribute goods  that fit into our mission of reducing food insecurity and improving nutrition, partners are welcome to include their own aid on their shipments as long as these items are legal and safe to ship. Typical items that we make available to partners  are medical hygiene supplies, soap, and water filters.

Can I apply for a grant from Stop Hunger Now?

Stop Hunger Now currently does not accept unsolicited grant requests.


If I have questions, how can I get them answered?

Stop Hunger Now will provide an online form for submitting questions  during the first half of the open application period (August 1 – August 31). After the questions have been gathered, all the questions and responses will be posted online for applicants to read.