Stop Hunger Now welcomes partnership applications from nongovernmental organizations, nonprofit organizations or community associations interested in working with us to provide food and other assistance through ongoing developmental programs and crisis response programs.

At Stop Hunger Now, we believe healthy, educated communities are the key to ending world hunger. We invest our food and other aid in programs that teach children and adults, or that provide health care and other services. These programs promote well-being and equip participants with the skills and knowledge to become active participants in the workforce and in their communities.

Stop Hunger Now also works to support those who suffer through crises of all types, natural or man-made. We welcome applications from organizations that are able to react quickly and effectively in crisis situations.

Food Distribution Partnership Opportunities for Education, Health and Skills-Building Programs

Stop Hunger Now distributes more than 90% of meals packaged annually to partner organizations worldwide who operate ongoing education, health and empowerment programs. Stop Hunger Now places a strong focus on maternal and early childhood health and development, education and vocational training.

For a full list of the types of programs Stop Hunger Now supports via sustained food aid, or to apply to become a Food Distribution Partner please download our Food Distribution Partnership Application.

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Crisis Response Partnership Opportunities

Since its inception, Stop Hunger Now has responded in times of crisis. We currently allocate up to 10% of annual meal production, in addition to other life-saving aid, to respond to all types of crises all over the world. We welcome applications from potential partners who are prepared to react quickly when disaster strikes. Stop Hunger Now will consider applications from organizations that are able to pre-position aid in strategic locations or who can quickly mobilize the delivery of aid in collaboration with Stop Hunger Now.  

To apply to become a Crisis Response Partner please download our Crisis Response Partnership Application.

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Applications can be downloaded at anytime. However submitting applications happens during the open application period, August 1 – August 31. The application period for 2016 is now closed. Please check back in August of 2017 if you are still interested in applying for food aid.

For more information, please visit our Partnership FAQ page.

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